Nigerian Migrants Stash Themselves Under Train To Enter Europe [VIDEO]


The German police has nabbed a total of 12 migrants who were discovered shivering after hiding themselves on a freight train near the Austrain border.

The migrants who aim to enter Germany illegally were nabbed on Wednesday as police officers decried the number of attempted illegal entry into the country.

The migrants, seven adults and five unaccompanied minors were reported to have hid themselves under lorries transported by the train.

The migrants who revealed they were from Somali, Nigeria and Ivory Coast were nabbed wearing only T-Shirts.

They were detected after police conducted a spot check using heat detection cameras as they tried to make their way from the Italian city of Verona to Munich.

One of the migrants had an injured leg while another was unable to talk.

Police spokesman, Rainer Scharf while speaking after the arrest said: “They’re freezing cold and in a poor physical state.”

He added: “We have already called the emergency services because we believe some of them are suffering from hypothermia.”

Watch video below: