Man cuts off wife’s ears during domestic violence with pliers


Not every time should couples blindly follow the marital oath of “till death do us part”, especially when it is your spouse that is insistent on sending you to an early grave.This is another horrific tale of domestic violence….What is wrong with some men?

This incident happened on Monday November 16th at their home. The man allegedly used pliers to cut off the woman’s ears during a fight in their home after she reported his abuse to the police. According to the friend, they married in December 2014 and the woman has been suffering abuse since the marriage. They have a 3-month old son. See more photos after the cut and pic of the alleged abuser.

3-month old son. See more photos after the cut and pic of the alleged abuser…

Nonso_NzedebebeHis name is Nonso Paul Nzedebebe. They got married in December 2014 and have a 3 months old baby. The girl carried the pregnancy for 9 months in agony and threats but we thought after delivery he will amend his ways The day the lady was discharged from hospital, after a Cs operation, he beat her, locked her up and used a knife to stab her. But she escaped and ran to Rubghe Police station to report. He was invited but refused to honor their invitation. He later assured them he will show up and was cautioned to maintain maximum peace till he shows up..Eventually, on the 16th of November, he cut her ear with pliers for reporting the abuse she was facing.

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This is the alleged abuser, Nonso Paul Nzedebebe



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