ISIS shows how it blew up Russian plane, killing 224 souls

A photo published in Islamic State magazine Dabiq shows a can of Schweppes Gold soft drink and what appeared to be a detonator and switch on a blue background. Social Media

The official magazine of the Islamic State has published photos of the resources it claims it used in blowing up a Russian airliner over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula last month, killing all 224 people on board.

The photo shows a can of Schweppes Gold soft drink and a detonator and something that looks to be a switch placed on a blue background.

Dabiq magazine said, “The divided Crusaders of the East and West thought themselves safe in their jets as they cowardly bombarded the Muslims of the Caliphate,”

“And so revenge was exacted upon those who felt safe in the cockpits.”

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The terror group said it exploited a loophole at the Sharm al-Sheikh airport in order to smuggle the explosive on board.

ISIS said the bomb was intentioally meant for one of the Western countries conducting airstrikes against its positions but settled for the Russian target after the Syrian ally joined the onslaught.

“A bomb was smuggled onto the airplane, leading to the deaths of 219 Russians and 5 other crusaders only a month after Russia’s thoughtless decision.”


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