Congo-Brazzaville President’s Daughter, Claudia Sassou Nguesso N*ked S*x Video Leaked By Ex-Boyfriend (VIDEO+18)


Congo-Brazzaville’s President’s daughter, Claudia Sassou Nguesso was recently involved in a blackmail scandal and when she refused to oblige her blackmailer, he released her sex tape.

Claudia, 50 is an insurance agent by profession who is married to a lawyer but keeps a side-dude. Her boyfriend recorded a video of them having sex, but he made sure his face did not show, then he threatened to release it if she does not give him the sum of $50,000 US dollars. When Claudia refused, the boyfriend went on to share the sex tape online and as expected, it has gone viral.

Claudia Sassou Nguesso is the Communications adviser to her father, Denis Sassou Nguesso. In June this year, she was indicted on corruption charges in France over the purchase of a mansion valued at $ 3.4million in the swanky Paris Suburb of Neuilly Sur Seine just North of the Ritzy 16th arrondissement, according to a judicial source.

The sex tape is the latest scandal trailing Claudia and it’s extremely graphic. In the 58 seconds sex tape, the side dude was seen fondling the President daughter’s boobs before ejaculating in her.

In the video, Claudia could be heard speaking erotically in sex tongues, uttering some french words…”oh baby, you missed me?, ‘il me pussy’, il me pussy, – which means, ‘my pussy’, ‘my pussy’ and then she also ends it with ‘she missed you’ after both of them finally ejaculated.

It all started when Claudia met her boyfriend years ago, also alleged to be of the same native like her. Unknown to her that her lover is notorious for dating rich women and she started dating him. After months of dizzying love affair, in which time she did some naughty things with him like allowing to take photos and record videos while making love. The boyfriend, after succeeding in what he really needed, went into his mode and started asking her for money.
When Claudia saw that his demands became excessive and she could not cough it out, she decided they should call it quits. When the boyfriend sensed that she was serious about calling off the relationship and refused his demand for the sum he requested, he threatened to blackmail her and went ahead and shared their sex video clip online.


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