British Woman May Go To Prison For Marrying Two Nigerian Men


A 34-year-old woman in the United Kingdom has been warned of a possibility of jail term after she reportedly engaged in a sham wedding with a Nigerian man just so the man could boycott being deported.

Louise Evans reportedly admitted to engaging in a “marriage of convenience” with one Kazeem Kolade, whom she married in July 2012, but denied the charge of bigamy, stating that the marriage had been annulled before she went on  to marry one Stephen Akinseye, another Nigerian man, in January 2013.

According to the Lancashire Telegraph, her lawyer was able to prove her innocence on the charge of bigamy after producing a divorce certificate from her first marriage obtained from the Nigerian High Commission in the UK.

A second sham marriage charge has however been left on her court file.

A court in Burnley heard that the marriage between Evans and Kolade was conducted with the hope of illegally helping him avoid deportation from the UK.

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Requesting a pre-sentence report for Evans, Mr Stuart said: “The defendant is a lady of good character. She does have both physical and some mental health issues.”

Adjourning the case until December 9, Mr Recorder Narayan told Evans: “The fact that I am going to bail you in order for a pre-sentence report is no indication as to sentence.

“All sentencing options, including a custodial sentence, remain open to the court.”


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