Aisha Buhari is an unusual First Lady – Osinbajo


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has described the First Lady, Hajia Aisha Buhari, as an unusual person whose spontaneity has redefined the role of the office.

The Vice President spoke on Thursday during the presentation of the book titled “Aisha Buhari: Being different” by Senior Special Assistant to the President on Administration and Women Affairs, Office of the First Lady, Dr Hajo Sani, at the State House Banquet Hall, Abuja.

Osinbajo noted she had taken steps outside the box of what used to be the personage and traditional roles in Nigeria’s presidential history, adding that her unusual approaches had endeared her to the public.

According to him, Mrs. Buhari has regaled the Nigerian public with many firsts, including opening up her office through social media outlets and connecting with the public in real-time.

“It’s unlikely that any First Lady in Nigeria’s history has, in such a few short years, captured the imagination of Nigerians as profoundly as Aisha Buhari.

She’s, of course, the first First Lady to be on Twitter, on Instagram, and other social media platforms, getting her unfiltered views across to the Nigerian people and she’s probably the first to receive, in real-time, the opinions of Nigerians on her views.

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With her views, forthright, crisp, truthful, and once in a while controversial, she has established an ongoing conversation with the Nigerian people.

The issues that concern them most, the issues that concern us the most; good governance, security, putting food on the table, the education of our children, prompt payment of pensions to army veterans, drug abuse, the violation and victimisation of women and every once in a while she airs her own personal struggles, her annoyance, in a manner, probably unprecedented in the role of the First Lady anywhere.

There is no question that Aisha Buhari is different. Her difference has been empowering for the Nigerian people and there is never any question that her comments come from a good place, a place of genuine love and respect for the Nigerian people and our several concerns.

But it’s unlikely that Aisha Buhari would ever be forgotten and even if there was a chance of this happening, this well written attempt to document her life and times and her contributions as First Lady to national life, through the causes that she has promoted, removes that possibility,” the Vice President said.


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