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Hardship: You can’t perform magic, stop praising Buhari – Fayose tells Tinubu


In the face of the dwindling economy Nigerians are facing, former Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has said President Bola Tinubu may not be able to “perform magic” because ex-President Muhammadu Buhari “was not a blessing” to Nigerians.

Fayose said Tinubu inherited a “dead economy” because Buhari obtained loans that would be repaid by generations unborn.

He charged Tinubu to stop praising Buhari so as not to confuse Nigerians about the mess created by the former president.

Speaking with Channels Television on Sunday, Fayose said: “Look at the eight years of President Muhammadu Buhari, what will be left of a country like Nigeria as of today?

“Even if Tinubu means well, where do you place the debt? Even if Tinubu wants to do the magic, how will he fix the country? There were loans taken in Buhari’s administration, some with 20 to 50 years moratorium.

Unborn children will face the kind of situation the last administration has plunged this country into.

The only thing I want to say to President Tinubu is that, without fear or favour, he should stop praising former President Buhari.

I watched a live television programme of the president telling Nigerians that former President Buhari did well.


That will cause confusion in the minds of Nigerians. Yes, he is a member of our party and a leader.

There are so many presentations we can make without celebrating a man who has put Nigerians in this predicament.

There are things you should not say. You can visit, love, and appreciate him, which is personal to the president.

With all due respect, do not come to the television to say that former President Buhari was a blessing to Nigeria.

Buhari is not a blessing to Nigerians, with all due respect. President Buhari is not a blessing to Nigeria, he drew us back to 50 years of our history.”





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