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Falana Writes AGF Over NLC Planned Mass Protest


Legal counsel for the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Femi Falana, has urged the Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF), Lateef Fagbemi, to instruct security forces to ensure the safety of individuals participating in the upcoming nationwide mass protest organized by the congress.

News360 Info reports that the NLC announced a two-day nationwide mass protest scheduled for February 27 and 28, in response to the economic challenges facing the country.

The labour union’s decision to call for a mass protest was also based on the federal government’s failure to fully implement the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed with workers.

However, in a letter dated February 24 and sent to Falana, the AGF stated that the federal government has largely and reasonably fulfilled the terms of the MoU.

Fagbemi stated that moving forward with the scheduled mass protest would be considered as contempt due to a restraining order issued by a national industrial court that has not been overturned.


Replying to the AGF, however, Falana, in a statement issued on Sunday, stated that there is no existing court order preventing the union from exercising their basic rights to assemble and express their grievances through protest against the severe economic hardships faced by the general public.


He said: “We submit, without any fear of contradiction, that the proposed public protest of the NLC is not contemptuous of the two ex parte orders of the National Industrial Court.

In particular, the issue of contempt does not arise as the NLC has challenged the jurisdiction of the National Industrial Court to entertain the substantive case.

It is further submitted that the National Industrial Court has not restrained the members of the NLC from exercising their fundamental rights to freedom of assembly and freedom of expression to protest against the excruciating economic pains being experienced by the masses.

While we have advised the members of the NLC to conduct the rallies scheduled for February 27-28, 2024, in a peaceful manner, we urge you to use your good offices to direct the Inspector-General of Police to provide adequate security to the conveners and participants in the protest in line with the provisions of Section 83(4) of the Police Establishment Act.”




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