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Stop politicizing hunger – Reno Omokri berates Peter Obi for saying Nigeria receiving food aid from Ukraine is a ‘national disaster’


Reno Omokri has berated Peter Obi for describing reports of Nigeria receiving food aid from war-torn Ukraine as a National disaster.

Obi in a post shared today said while it is commendable for Ukraine to give Nigerians food, the gesture shows how Nigeria has become less productive as it has failed to produce food for its citizens. He said unlike Nigeria that is peaceful, Ukraine is fighting a war and is still able to feed its citizens.

Reacting to Peter Obi’s comment, Reno wrote;


“It is very ignorant for Peter Obi to say that it is a “national disgrace” for Nigeria to receive food aid from Ukraine because it is a war-torn country. Peter Obi needs to be educated about Ukraine and wheat. Please fact-check me: Egypt received food aid from Ukraine long before Nigeria did. And Egypt is still dependent on Ukraine for 60% of its wheat and much of its fertiliser needs. Yet, Egypt is a country that Peter Obi praises. Obi even went to Egypt to study their economy. The attached photo was taken when Obi was visiting and praising Egypt. In fact, Obi is looking well fed in this photo. Maybe the Egyptians fed him a lot from the wheat donated to them by Ukraine.


It is not everything that we must politicise. Ukraine is the world’s seventh-largest wheat producer, and the war in Ukraine has not affected her position. The whole world was affected when Ukrainian wheat could not hit the market, and the World Trade Organisation, led by a Nigerian, helped to organise a deal with Russia that allowed Ukrainian wheat to get to countries like America. Please Google it. Ukrainian wheat is not only bought by America but it is also being used as food aid to multiple countries. Obi should stop politicising hunger!”




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