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‘We Will Not Rest Until We Take Over Government – Abure


The National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), Julius Abure, has reaffirmed the party’s commitment to advocating for improved governance in Nigeria, promising to continue its efforts until it secures the mandate to lead the country.

Speaking to journalists in Umuahia, Abia State, following a pivotal meeting with Governor Alex Otti and members of the National Working Committee (NWC) of LP, Abure expressed the party’s determination to provide quality leadership for Nigeria.

During the interaction, Abure criticized the current state of the nation under the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led government, particularly highlighting the adverse effects of the recent removal of fuel subsidy.

He lamented the irony of Nigerians living in poverty despite the country’s vast resources, attributing this paradox to what he described as leadership ineptitude.

The Labour Party, which positions itself as a credible opposition, has taken a firm stance against policies it believes are detrimental to the well-being of the average Nigerian.

The removal of the fuel subsidy, according to Abure, has only exacerbated the precarious situation, increasing the economic burden on citizens already grappling with hardship.

He said, “We will not rest until we are able to take over government and provide the people quality leadership that will work for the country.

How do you reconcile a situation where we export crude oil only to import refined products at high costs. Nigeria’s problem is bad leadership, and once we get it right, every other thing will be fixed.

Today, you can see that Nigeria is not moving as it should. A bag of rice sells for N120, 000 while minimum wage is N30,000. A tuber of yam that previously sold for N500 is now N1200.


Life has become very difficult in Nigeria; security challenges are enormous; inflation is very high; unemployment is increasing, and people now find it increasingly difficult to feed. This is the realityin Nigeria today under APC Government.

We will provide a leadership that will fight poverty and fight hunger; a leadership that will empathize with the people and liberate them.

We believe that a New Nigeria is possible. Nigerians are needlessly suffering in the midst of plenty. This country can become bigger if well managed.”

The LP Chairman who said he was being persecuted because he was leading a party that had uttered the political landscape in favour of the masses, however, vowed that no amount of intimidation or vilification would deter the party from providing credible alternative to the people.

He added, “We were able to put up a formidable campaign in the 2023 general elections. For the first time, as opposition, we changed the political trajectory in Nigeria. We gave them a run for their money.

Since after the election, we have not rested. We have had one crisis or the other – people being instigated within the party to make trouble with the leadership. You see the issues of Apapa, and the National Treasurer. But we have always surmounted them.

All the allegations at the police have been resolved in our favour. We cannot be deterred. We will continue to do what is right to provide leadership.”




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