Home News ‘Don’t Use Inflammatory Language Against Government’ – Matawalle Warns Nigerians

‘Don’t Use Inflammatory Language Against Government’ – Matawalle Warns Nigerians


The Minister of State for Defense, Bello Matawalle, has strongly warned Nigerians not to use derogatory words against their government.

Matawalle issued the warning in Abuja in response to some careless remarks emanating from certain regions of the nation because of the security issues there, according to a statement made by the ministry’s director of information and public relations, Henshaw Ogubike.

“Such comments are incitive and destructive and can exacerbate tensions and lead to violence in our beloved nation,” he said.

News360 Info reports that he said that in addition to having the ability and political will, President Tinubu is working nonstop to improve and safeguard Nigeria.

The Minister also listed the different measures the government had implemented to safeguard citizens’ lives, liberty, and property in addition to restructuring and modernizing the country’s economy.


He argued that the Tinubu has given priority to the safety of citizens by equipping the Nigerian military to function optimally, while the service chiefs have also been charged with rebuilding the capacity of the security services.

Matawalle added, “Just recently, the president approved the creation of a committee that included the state governors and federal representatives that will explore, among other things, the possibility of establishing state police that will help in checking crimes.”





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