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Ibadan Explosion: Foreigners Are the Illegal Miners Who Stored Explosives at Home, Say Residents


Residents of Adeyi Avenue in Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State, have accused Malians working as illegal miners of being responsible for the Tuesday night explosion that shook the historic city.

According to News360 Info, the explosion that also damaged numerous cars, buildings, and other items of property resulted in over 80 injuries and at least three verified deaths.

A resident of Adeyi Avenue, who only went by Apa, told media in Ibadan on Wednesday that there were no illicit mining sites in the neighborhood.

He, however, blamed illegal miners from Mali, who lived in the area for the explosion, stating that the foreigners stored explosives and dynamite at home.

Apa said his neighbour agreed with him that the explosion was caused by explosive materials, which the Malians used for illegal mining.


He, therefore, asked the Federal Government to send illegal miners out of the country to avoid future occurrencs.


Recounting his experience, he said, “When I called my neighbour, she said, ‘You remember those Malians?’ There must be equipment they’re using for doing their mining work that must have exploded, and that equipment is not a cheap material. It’s something that’s very heavy.

If the explosion had happened in Odogbo barracks, then one would say yes, they have all sorts of things there. That thing is not supposed to be kept in this type of environment. And wherever such equipment is kept, it must be under-regulated humidity. Maybe the temperature would have triggered it, and that’s my own suspicion.

There is nothing like illegal mining here. It’s miners that live here that brought the equipment and they are Malians.”




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