Home News ‘Judiciary Now Grants Highest Political Bidders Favourable Orders’ – Bode George

‘Judiciary Now Grants Highest Political Bidders Favourable Orders’ – Bode George


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, Olabode George has said anarchy is looming in Nigeria over the judiciary’s actions in giving conflicting judgement.

He lamented that the verdict of the judiciary is offensive to millions of Nigerians, adding that when the judiciary is compromised, democracy is gone.

George stated this in a meeting held in his Lagos office on Monday where elders of the PDP, including a former deputy governor of Lagos, Kofoworola Bucknor Akerele, were present.

He said that because of conflicting and contradictory judgements from a few judges, the belief of many Nigerians in the judiciary is understandably shaken and that it is worrisome because if the people don’t believe in the third arm of government anymore, anarchy looms.

The elder statesman argued that politicians now use the court as a shield, and the highest political bidders are recklessly granted favourable orders.

According to him, “We now have a situation in which courageous judges who refuse to do the biddings of ‘powers that be’ are accused of being corrupt and forced to resign. In many political cases, millions of people believe, and rightly so, that some judges deliver judgements, not justice. What exactly is the problem of the judiciary? Where did we get it wrong? Why is it difficult for the judiciary to assert its control over politicians and political parties? Why are technicalities being used to affirm electoral heists and in the process, undermine the will of the people and silence them? What is the meaning of a ‘typographical error’ when a judgement had already been delivered? Is it, according to some Nigerians, that the ‘real’ judgement was pushed aside and another read which has now led to a ‘typographical error’?


In justice delivery and matter of life and death, judges are next to God. That is why anything that comes from the court is final, especially from the apex court in the land – the Supreme Court. There is nowhere to go again after the Supreme Court says yes or no on a matter before it. It is the final bus stop.

So, any pronouncement from our courts must be infallible. But, when people begin to question the judgement of a particular court, it shows that there is crisis in the polity. And this is totally unacceptable in Nigeria of 2023.

The judiciary, recently, and to the embarrassment of millions of Nigerians, has not lived above board. There are many conflicting judgements from courts of coordinate jurisdiction that Nigerians begin to wonder: Embarrassingly, there are now incessant conflicting ex-parte orders from courts of coordinate jurisdiction. Many Nigerians see this as a cankerworm affecting the Judiciary. Stories of millions of dollars now fly around, especially in political cases.

Sadly, some politicians now use the court as a shield and the highest political bidders are recklessly granted favourable orders.”




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