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Coup Leaders Threaten To Kill Bazoum If ECOWAS Invades Niger


Niger’s junta has threatened to kill deposed President Mohamed Bazoum if the Economic of West African States (ECOWAS) attempted any military intervention to restore his rule.

Daily Mail reports that a United States military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the representatives of the junta told the U.S. Under Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, of the threat to Bazoum during her visit to the country this week.

Recall that Bazoum, who was deposed on July 26, and his family are being held hostage at his residence by the military forces deployed by the coup leaders.

The regional body had met in Abuja weeks ago and issued a seven-day deadline for the Niger junta to reinstate ousted President Bazoum or risk sanctions, including possible military intervention.

ECOWAS issued fresh sanctions on Niger junta and their allies in Burkina Faso and Mali over to the sacked President.


Meanwhile, ECOWAS said on Thursday that it had directed the deployment of a “standby force” to restore democracy in Niger after the coup. However, it gave no details about the make-up, location and proposed date of deployment for any military intervention force.

In his speech at the extraordinary meeting in Abuja, President Bola Tinubu described the ongoing political crisis in Niger Republic as a threat to the stability of other Western African countries.

Tinubu has therefore urged ECOWAS leaders that the union should prioritize diplomacy in settling the political crisis in Niger.





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