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‘Fake Bishops’ – Pastor Enenche Blows Hot, Slams Tinubu, Shettima


Abuja-based Pentecostal preacher, Paul Enenche has reacted to the alleged fake clergyman who attended the unveiling of Kashim Shettima, the vice presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress, APC.
The presence of the bishops at the unveiling sparked various reactions.

Christian Association of Nigeria and the Nigerian Catholic Church distanced themselves from the persons who appeared in cassocks at the event and described them as impostors.

Speaking at the event at his Dunamis Church headquarters in Abuja, Enenche described the fake clergymen as “criminals”

He said: “You know there is a contest going on in this country right now where some criminals paraded themselves as bishops,”

“That is the level to which the criminal leadership of this country has descended.


“You see like begets like. Those who send them are like them. That is the impersonation of the highest order and they should be arrested and tried.”

Enenche queried the audacity of the APC in seeking to continue in power after performing woefully since it assumed power more than seven years ago.

“You want to lie to lead, you want to cheat to lead, you want to kill to lead and your platform has led for seven to eight years and the only thing the country got was bloodshed, killings, banditry and you’re still pushing yourself forward,” he added.




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