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Okada Rider Caught With 12-year-old Boy’s Head And Hands, Reveals How His Spirit ‘Spoilt’ The Money Ritual


A suspected ritualist who was caught with fresh human head and hands of a boy in Kwara State has revealed how the deceased spirit ruined his ritual plan.

It was earlier reported that two men identified as Wasiu Omomose, 35, and Akanbi Ibrahim, 32 were apprehended by policemen attached to Operation Harmony, while they were on patrol on OkeOyi/Jebba road at about 11:30am on Sunday.

During preliminary investigation, Omomose confessed that the other suspect was not involved in his malicious act and he only picked him on his way to Ilorin.

In an interview with the Nigerian Tribune, the suspect revealed that he severed the deceased 12-year-old boy’s head and hands by himself believing that knowing about the death and burial of the boy was divine.

He said: “The boy whose head and hands I severed was brought to Share Town for care from Lagos State when he became so ill. I learnt this from his cousin (name withheld) when I picked him as a passenger and we got talking. I’m also related to the paternal grandmother of the passenger.

On Saturday, as I was riding with the passenger, he informed me of the death of his cousin who was about 12 years old. After the discussion, I dropped him off, but the boy’s death struck my heart as an opportunity to get body parts for money ritual.

The deceased was taken to the cemetery and buried. Then I thought again that if I could get the body parts, the poverty I was experiencing would end. At 9pm, same day, I went back to his graveside, dug it and cut off his head and hands with the knife I brought. I was there alone.

I had a native doctor (name withheld) who was also a hunter. He was living at Oju Ekun area, close to Adangba area. We had been together for a long time and were members of Oodua People’s Congress (OPC).


Since 2007, I have been looking for means of having wealth. I discussed with the native doctor but never made the move to look for things needed to perform the ritual. This was the first time I did such.”

When questioned on why he would go to such length to acquire riches he replied, “I bought a motorcycle from the father of the deceased’s cousin, one Alhaji (name withheld), for N350,000. I just finished paying but the motorcycle was giving me a lot of worries over constant repairs. I decided to sell it but it was so bad that instead of its being bought for at least N180,000 to enable me purchase that of N550,000, it was being priced for N120,000.

“When I learnt of the young boy’s death, I thought of what the native doctor told me many years back and decided to seize the opportunity to act on it.

After leaving the cemetery, I kept the bag containing the human parts in the bush in front of where I live with the thought that at daybreak, I would take them to the native doctor. Before then, the last time we spoke was about a month ago.

At dawn, one of the boys with the native doctor called and told me that he was dead. Immediately, my phone dropped from my hand. I believe that the spirit of the deceased exposed my act.”




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