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Revolutionary protest to be shunned by pro-Biafra groups


A coalition of pro-Biafra groups consisting of the Biafra Independence Organization(BIO) Igbo Revolutionary Movement (IRM), Eastern Peoples Renewal (EPR), Biafra Clergy Network (BCM), and others have resolved not to partake in the Tuesday’s scheduled revolutionary protest.

In a press statement signed by the administrative secretary of the group, Emeka Ibekwe, and made available to Daily Sun in Owerri, it urged Ndigbo to be careful of such protest as it noted that it could be a ploy to deceive them for another “shoot on sight” killing.

According to the statement, “it is organized by some failed politicians. Ndigbo should be very careful of engaging themselves in subtle adventures that will derail our Biafra restoration agenda.

“We must not learn from history and allow ourselves to be used by hypocritical enemies who always capitalised on our ingenuity to self determination in pushing us out of our primary target of Biafra actualisation and restoration agenda to a camouflaged protest for Nigeria democratic survival.”


The statement further reads: “The so-called street revolutionary protest slated for Tuesday, August 5, is not for the people of Biafra, it is masterminded by people and failed politicians that don’t regard our people. It is another scheme to waste blood of innocent Biafrans because the security agents may not attack the Yoruba and Hausa that are involved.


“The people of Biafra must be diligent and wise enough to discern when our oppressors are using our enemies to lure us into unnecessary deaths.

“Our position is not borne out of cowardice or fear but out of conviction that the organisers of the revolutionary protest don’t have the Biafra interest but to achieve their own selfish political goals.

“The coalition of pro Biafra agitators advises all members of Biafra-agitating groups to decline involvement and participation in the Tuesday’s scheduled revolutionary protest in Aba, Onitsha, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Abakiliki, because the blood of Biafrans are too precious to waste for the sustenance of Nigeria democratic survival,” the statement concludes.




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