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Junaid Mohammed, Ijaw youths tear Buhari apart for addressing Nigeria in Hausa


A former member of the House of Representatives during the Second Republic, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, has described the audio voice of President Muhammadu Buhari as a mere propaganda.

He wondered what the President’s handlers intended to achieve with the audio message.

He stated, “Other than propaganda, I wonder what they (President’s handlers) intend to achieve by putting out such an audio clip (message) at this time. The President needs our prayers and we sincerely pray for his quick recovery and safe return.’’

Also, the Ijaw Youth Council expressed surprise that Buhari, whom it noted Nigerians had been eager to hear from, spoke in Hausa in his sallah message.

IYC spokesman, Mr. Henry Iyalla, said, on Sunday, that it would be difficult for Nigerians to agree that the President was actually the person that spoke to Nigerians on the BCC.


He explained that the President should have spoken in English, the official language of the country, adding that it was only English that the entire Nigeria would be able to hear and understand if he was the person who spoke.

Iyalla stated, “He is not only the President of the Hausa, he is also the President of Yoruba, Igbo, Niger Delta and other ethic nationalities.
“We are not really sure that he is the one who really spoke and this has not doused any tension about his health.”

However, the Arewa Consultative Forum said Buhari’s Eid-el-Fitr message was a good development in view of recent happenings in the country.




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