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Military Alert: Beware Of Criminals Disguising As Military Personnel

Fake Female Soldier
The Defence Headquarters on Saturday warned Nigerians that suspected criminals had been parading in military uniforms and disguising as armed forces personnel.
A statement by DHQ spokesman, Rabe Abubakar, said in a statement that this discovery came on the heels of the arrest of a fake female major in Abuja and the killing of four security operatives in Bayelsa by persons dressed in military uniforms.
The statement reads: “Information reaching the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has revealed the spate of use of military uniforms by some unscrupulous elements who disguised as personnel of the Nigerian Armed Forces to get access to public places to commit  crimes as well as detonate their explosives to kill innocent citizens in their desperation to perpetrate their terrorists activities.
“The recent arrest of a fake Major in uniform and the killing of four security operatives guarding a facility in Rivers State by some unknown gunmen in military uniforms were instructive in this regards. While the military and other security agencies are exploiting all means to end the insurgency, militancy and all other forms of criminalities from our country, we wish to request the general public to be on the watch in all public places and report any suspicious person or group posing as military personnel to security agencies to cut off his or her heinous intention to save our citizens.
“The general public are further advised to be more vigilant in crowded places as terrorists can disguise in any form to achieve their evil intents including the use of military uniforms.”



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