Randy African Pastor Caught Trying To Sleep With Church Member In The UK


A Congolese pastor was reportedly caught while trying to sleep with one of his church members on November 28.

According to a caption that accompanied a short video that surfaced online, whose original source could still not be identified, the pastor had taken to rubbishing the female church member’s husband, just so he could get close enough to her to perpetrate his heinous act.

On the fateful day, he had come to the woman’s house prepared to sleep with her, having been goaded by her into believing she had accepted his advances.

From what the video showed, the pastor had stripped naked before his church members and the woman’s family members, who were lurking around, burst into the room.

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The caption read:

“That’s a Congolese Pastor caught on a church member’s bed in London trying to sleep with the woman in Nov 28. He has been undermining the woman’s husband so, when he kept on pestering the woman for sex. He got what he deserved after he went to their house pretending to do deliverance through sex. After striping they called the husband and other church members.”


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