Nigerian Air Force combat aircraft missing in action


The Nigerian Air Force has announced one of its airplanes lost without a trace.

Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet in a terse explanation on Wednesday night said the unspecified airplane lost radar contact when on a mission.

He didn’t state the number of individuals who were on board.

Gabkwet said the plane was “on a routine mission in support of own troops at one of the Theatres of Operation in the Northern part of Nigeria”.

“Efforts are currently ongoing to locate its whereabouts. Details to follow”.

Gabkwet did not specify whether the aircraft was lost in the North east or Northwest or even the North central part of Nigeria.

The Nigerian Air Force is engaged in various operations in the conflict zones, to give ground troops support.

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On 21 February, an Air Force plane on a mission to Minna Niger state crashed in Abuja.

All the six persons aboard the B350 aircraft died as it crash-landed on the final approach path of Abuja Runway 22.

The Nigerian Air Force is one of Africa’s largest.

In its fleet are 8 Chinese Chengdu F-7s, 13 Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jets, 3 JF-17 Thunders Block II with more on order.

It will soon receive six of the 12 Super Tucano aircraft ordered from US.

It has also placed an order for 24 M-346 FAs, Helicopter gunships, armed attack drones and military transport aircraft.


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