Man Murders Neighbour After His Cat Entered His House


A man in Florida has angrily shot his neighbour after his cat gained access into his home.
58-year-old Cliffton Bliss Jr allegedly shot the cat’s owner after the cat got into his property.

Bliss initially planned to shoot the cat but was told by James Taylor, the deceased, not to harm the cat, on hearing this Bliss turned the weapon on Taylor and shot him in the chest.

The heinous incident occurred on Wednesday, October 20 in the city of Umatilla, Marion County Sheriff’s Office reports.

The suspect was arrested at the scene and charged with second-degree murder. On October 21st Bliss told his wife and other witnesses that Taylor had attacked him before he shot him.


However, an eyewitness has told the police that the duo had no physical contact during the incident.

He is currently being held without bond at the Marion County Jail.



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