How Do You Deal With Awkward Calls?


I get the most calls on my birthday. People from all over ‘whole-wide-world’ call in to wish me well… yeah yeah, I’m popular like that. However, let me paint a scenario…

…ring ring…

Me: “Hello”

Caller: “Hi sweetheart, happy birthday to you… I wish you all the good things of life and so much joy like you bring to others around you…”

Me: “amen, thanks a lot dearie…”

Caller: “I remember our final year week in the university when we went to *insert some place I actually went with my friends* and you said *insert something I said* and we all got drinks on the house…blabla”

Me: “…hahaha yes I do…”

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The conversation goes on but I am unable to tell who it is I am speaking with and somehow, I feel too guilty to ask ‘please, who is this?’, because the person seems to know me so well (and also sounds like a beautiful girl)… and I don’t want to seem like a ‘snob’ who didn’t save their number. So I just act all nice till the call ends.

Shortly before my birthday this year, I misplaced my phone and lost all my contacts… Some of the people who called, introduced themselves. Others just assumed I knewL.

My cousin overheard one of such awkward conversations and introduced me to Truecaller (after he was done making jest of me, that is).

OMG! That app is the next best thing since sliced bread. I really like that I can tell who is calling me before I even pick the call, whether I have their numbers saved on my phone or not. And even if I didn’t have their numbers saved, after the call, the app gives me an easier option of saving the number. Also, I can block ‘pests’ and fraudsters that want to play a fast one on me…

We all go through these experiences (at least we have birthdays) but we need to break free from the possible setbacks we might face. This is why apps like the Truecaller app are here to stay.

Have you experienced a similar incidence, what did you do?

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