Heartless Father Beats 7-year-old son to Death and Feeds Corpse to Hungry Pigs

An evil father has been arrested after he allegedly beat his young son to death before feeding his body to hungry pigs, police in Kansas says.
Michael A. Jones, 44, of Piper, outside of Kansas City, is being held by the police on charges of aggravated assault with a firearm, aggravated battery and child abuse after cops responded to a domestic violence call on Wednesday. He was booked into the Wyandotte County Jail, and his bail was set at $10 million.
Wyandotte County police said that they have arrested 44-year-old Michael A. Jones, after being accused of killing his 7-year-old son and dumping his body in a barn with pigs.
The body of the dead boy was uncovered after Jones had allegedly shot at his 29-year-old wife, Heather which attracted police attention.
As the investigation progressed, authorities got a tip to check the property for the remains of Jones’ seven-year-old son, who had been missing for several months. The next day, authorities found human remains near a barn on the rural property in Piper, where Jones lived with his wife and eight children ranging in ages from one to 11.
Investigators said that they believe the remains are the result of the child being fed to pigs after being beaten to death. The state took custody of the couple’s 7 remaining children.

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