Gunmen Killed 10 In Amarawa, Sokoto Village


Gunmen have attacked Amarawa village in Ilela local government area of Sokoto state on Monday, killing ten locals while others sustained injuries.

According to a BBC Hausa report monitored in Kaduna, the locals have attempted to stop the gunmen from abducting a wealthy businessman who was a resident of the community.

“The gunmen who came on motorbikes had warned them to stay away. But the community members tried to free the man. But the gunmen possessed superior weapons and they overpowered the locals, killing many, “a native of the affected community has said.

He said the gunmen succeeded and whisked away the businessman.

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The police in Sokoto had confirmed the attack, but told the BBC Hausa they could not give details as they were still on investigation.

A local said on Monday afternoon, that they were preparing the dead for burial while those who sustained gunshots were in the hospital where doctors had removed bullets from their bodies.

The locals, however, appealed to the authorities to beef up security in the area as hardly a day passes without gunmen kidnapping a person or two, in the Ilela communities.


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