#EndSARS Protest: Teenager confesses to burning BRT buses, Police Station

Kano Indigenes Protests Over Death Of 17-year-old Boy In Police Custody

A 15-year-old boy, Steven Samuel, has confessed to being part of the hoodlums that burnt Shangisha Police Station and the Bus Rapid Transit station, Berger terminal during the #EndSARS protest in the State.

The suspect said he was returning from his work place when he joined the protesters to set the police station ablaze.

According to Samuel, he left home at Ojodu Berger to meet his boss, who is a bricklayer, to Ketu, but his boss asked him to go back home because of the situation of the country.

Samuel said as he was going home, he met a man, simply identified as Alhaji, who gave him a gallon of fuel and asked him to follow him to Shangisha Police Station.

He said: “When we got to the Shangisha Police Station, the Alhaji collected the gallon of fuel from me and went into the station with other protesters and burnt down the station.

“After we left there, we went to bus rapid transit terminal at Berger and set the buses parked in the garage ablaze, after which I was told to go home.

“We are 30 in number that carried out the act.

“We were about to leave the scene when Policemen arrived.

“As I was about to escape from the scene, I was arrested by policemen.

“I regretted my action.”

Another suspect, 24-year-old Kelvin Haruna from Jos in Plateau State, was also arrested for allegedly looting ShopRite at Surulere area of the State.

Haruna said he is into car washing and robs at night with his gang, but when the #EndSARS protest started, he and his gang then used the opportunity to loot ShopRite and other stores in Bode Thomas area.

He said: “When me and my gang saw how people were looting ShopRite and other stores, we decided to join them to loot.

“When we were going to the mall, I went with a pistol and my colleague also came with his own pistol.


“We are five in number that went for the operation.

“I and my colleague went with the guns in case if someone wants to stop us from gaining access into the shopping mall.

“When we got to the mall, I picked one trouser and some other items, while my colleagues too also took whatever they wanted from the mall.

“We were about to leave the mall when policemen came.

“I was arrested and my four other gangs escaped from the scene and I was brought to the Command at Ikeja same day I was arrested.”

When asked how is feeling now, Haruna replied: “I am regretting my action because what I did was wrong.

“I don’t know how my parents would feel if they see me on television because I have disgraced my family.”

One Lukmon Ojebaro, who was arrested for allegedly looting shops at Ebute-Metta area with his gang, denied participating in it.

According to Ojebaro, he was sleeping when some vigilante group and policemen came that they had intelligence report “that they saw me among the looters and some of the goods were kept in a house in my area.

“As a good citizen of Nigeria, when they approached me, I directed to the house where the looted goods were kept.

“Fortunately, when they got there, the items were found there intact.

“To my surprise, the Policemen came back to arrest me.

When asked why he didn’t report to the police when he saw the stolen items, he replied that he was afraid that the looters would kill him and his family members.



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