Cameroonian Army kills 100 Boko Haram terrorists, frees 900 hostages


Reports reaching NEWS360 INFO reveal that Cameroonian troops, with the support of a regional anti-Boko Haram task force, have killed no fewer than 100 Boko Haram militants and released about 900 persons held hostage by the terrorists.

Cameroon’s army, with backing from a regional force freed 900 people the militants had held hostage, the army and defence ministry said on Wednesday.

Confirming this development, the Army spokesman, Colonel Didier Badjeck said: “In the course of this operation, at least 100 members of Boko Haram were killed. Nine hundred hostages detained by Boko Haram were freed.”

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Similarly, the defence ministry cited the same figures in a brief statement aired on the state television.

The hostages were freed during an operation in Nigeria border, where the terrorists have their enclave.


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