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Liberian President Boakai Cuts Down His Salary By 40%

The President of Liberia, Joseph Boakai, has declared a 40% reduction in his yearly earnings, decreasing his salary from $13,400 to $8,000 annually.

News360 Info understands that President Boakai made this move in the face of increased public attention on government wages and the growing dissatisfaction with the escalating living expenses in the West African country.

Reports revealed that about 20% of the Liberian population survives on less than $2 a day currently.

However, President Boakai’s government has expressed the hope to establish a standard for “accountable leadership” and show “unity” with the citizens of Liberia.

Boakai’s latest decision is similar to that of his predecessor, George Weah, who had previously cut his own salary by 25%.

Reports revealed that the salary reduction by President Boakai has been greeted with mixed reactions among citizens of the country.

While some applaud the decision, others are sceptical about its importance, considering that the President still enjoys perks like a daily stipend and health insurance.

Anderson D. Miamen, from the Centre of Transparency and Accountability in Liberia, welcomed the salary reduction, stating, “This is a positive step, and I believe the public will understand the allocation of funds and their intended use for the betterment of citizens.”


In a similar vein, W. Lawrence Yealue II, who advocates for government openness, praised the move as “highly praiseworthy” and stressed the importance of “top-down leadership.”


He also hoped that President Boakai’s compensation would be reassessed in the upcoming budget year.

President Boakai has also committed to enhancing Liberia’s Civil Service Agency to ensure equitable pay for public employees.

This commitment follows the protests by legislators who, without receiving their official vehicles, arrived at the parliament on tricycles and tuk-tuks, locally referred to as keh-keh, a popular means of transportation in Liberia.

Since his inauguration in January, following his victory over Mr. Weah in a second election, President Boakai has focused on addressing corruption and financial irregularities.

He has disclosed his personal assets and initiated an audit of the presidential office, with the results yet to be announced.

Moreover, he has bolstered the General Auditing Commission and the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission.




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