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Video: Commotion As Lagos Union Forces Keke Drivers To Pay N500 For Tinubu’s Campaign Stickers


There was mild drama on Tuesday in the Agbado area of Lagos State after transport workers were forced to pay N500 to place Bola Tinubu’s campaign stickers on their Keke.

In a viral video online today, one of the union men at the park was seen mounting pressure on a Keke driver to pay N500 as he attempted to forcefully place the stickers on his Keke.

The Keke driver argued and insisted on not paying a dime. He also charged the union official to take off the sticker from his Keke, saying that he would rather park the Keke than have Tinubu’s campaign sticker on it.

People could be seen in the viral video showing their displeasure with the development.

One of the elderly men at the park who confronted the union official could be heard saying: “Can you pay for this sticker yourself? If it were you, would you pay?

“We are paying for council and other necessary dues but we can’t accept this“, they argued in the Yoruba language.

Tinubu Is My Elder Brother – Peter Obi Says, Compares Jagaban To Pele
Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi said on Tuesday that his APC counterpart, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is like a brother to him.


Obi, while speaking during an interview with Chude Jidenowo, praised the APC flagbearer for his contributions to Nigeria in the past. However, he insisted that Tinubu time has passed and it is time for someone else to take over.

He argued that the fact that Tinubu had contributed in the past in making Nigeria better does not mean he should be in power forever.

To elaborate his point, he spoke about the Brazilian footballer, Pele who was a star during his time but it would be impossible for him to be fielded in a present match.





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