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Attacks By Terrorists: I’m heartbroken,  we’ll hold Buhari accountable

President Muhammadu Buhari has been urged by Borno South Senatorial District Senator Ali Ndume to start taking responsibility and acting as Commander-in-Chief in the face of the daily terrorist attacks that take place nearly everywhere in the nation.

He asserts that the President should address Nigerians and not his aides who issue remarks in the wake of each attack.

Speaking on Channels Television on Thursday night, Ndume expressed his complete disappointment with the response from political leaders who, in the normal course of things, should be in charge of ensuring the lives and welfare of Nigerians.

Ndume said he feels pained to be called a Senator because most of them were almost helpless in the current situation and were like mere observers.

Asked whose responsibility it is to brief Nigerians after such fatal attacks on citizens, Ndume said, “the service chiefs are there, the NSA is there and the President is there.

“This is not a State matter but if it was in the State, the State Governors should be doing that. You see it happening everywhere. You see it happening everywhere.

Honestly, we’re in trouble. Don’t take these things lightly. I’m worried…we should be talking about how to address this matter and what citizens need to do…I’m really disappointed with the response of so many leaders.


And it’s our responsibility. The responsibility of the government is security and welfare of its citizens and then you have leaders responding as if it is a casual thing and not their responsibility.

It is our responsibility. I feel pained to be called a Senator and almost like helpless- most of us are like that- sitting down as observers.”

On how he’ll fix the current security situations, Ndume added, “I’ll call the security Chiefs to brief me properly, then I’ll brief the nation on what is going on, sharing with them what needs to be shared without compromising the security situation.

“The President or whoever is in charge is supposed to sit some people down and get results, not just making statements. I’ve said it before, when it comes to issues like this, it is the President who is supposed to be addressing Nigerians, not some advisers.

The President should be taking responsibility. He is the President! You see, religiously, by the time you ask people to elect you as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, anything that happens to any Nigerian, we’ll hold you accountable for it”.




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