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Ibiyeomie Reacts As Creflo Dollar Preaches Against Tithing

Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries has reacted to the fresh controversy trailing the topic of tithing by Christians.
It would be recalled that popular American preacher, Pastor Creflo Dollar told his congregants to burn all his messages on tithing as they have been misled.

Creflo made this known during one of his Sunday sermons titled, “The Great Misunderstanding” where he cited Romans 6: 14 in the Holy Bible to buttress how Christians now live under grace and not the laws of the Old Testament.

He, however, told his congregants that he’s not suggesting that Christians should water down their act of giving while saying tithing is an old testament thing.

Speaking about the subject, Ibiyeomie on Monday during the church’s Week of Spiritual Empowerment service said the subject of tithe is approved by the Bible and a pastor who condemns tithing never had a solid foundation in the study of the subject.

He said “They quote Bible upside down, that’s why you have to be a Bible student, even a pastor can deceive you, please read Bible for yourself.

“So that somebody cannot preach something up-side down and you believe. All manner of things are everywhere, some people preach tithe and they said no more tithe because they did not have solid foundation in the Bible and some of you believe it.


“What’s my business, didn’t I read my Bible? Follow anything you like, you too, read Bible for yourself, let nobody deceive you.

“Can somebody now tell me not to pay tithes? I will be foolish, I’ve read Bible for myself so nobody can preach to me, I saw it from the Bible so nobody can tell me not to pay tithes.

“I don’t need you to preach to me, I will pay tithes till I die.

“I’ve read it from the Bible, if another said grace made it, let him stay there. You can turn the Bible upside down, please don’t follow all manner of doctrines. Read Bible, God gave it to you. Pastors can go astray. I learnt all manner of gospel are in town. Any man can change any day.”




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