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2023: Nollywood Actor, Okon Lagos Disclose He Will ‘Sell’ His Votes At The ‘Right Price’ (Video)


Nollywood actor, Ime Bishop Umoh aka Okon Lagos, has disclosed that he is ready to sell his votes to any politician that agrees to pay him what he demands as the 2023 elections approach.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, OkonLagos averred that politicians are usually seen once every four years and that it will be wise to make a lot of money from them so as to sustain one’s self until the next election season when they come around again soliciting for votes.

OkonLagos said he is willing to sell his votes at the right price for $1000 per day. He mentioned that 365 days makes one year and that when multiplied by four years, it comes to 1, 460 days.


He said he will multiply $1000 by 1, 460 which sums up to $1, 460, 000. He said he will offer an exchange rate of N500 to a dollar and then when converted, his money will come to N730 million.

According to him, this will be sufficient to take care of him till the next four years when another politician comes again to ‘buy’ his vote.

Watch Video Below;




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