Quit notice order was given to all tenants – Caretaker of collapsed building

Ruin of the collapsed building

The caretaker of the building that collapsed in the Ebute-Meta neighbourhood of Lagos State stated that he gave the inhabitants notice to leave after he noticed the evident tension in it.

Eight people were killed when the building collapsed on Sunday night, but 23 people recovered alive.
The caretaker, who is also the landlord’s son, and was entrusted with the collapsed three-storey structure stated this on Monday, May 2.
He said he was living in the building with other occupants when he discovered signs of distress.

“I had to leave the building and rented an apartment in the same vicinity,” the caretaker stated.

He added that quit notice was eventually handed over to the occupants which they failed to adhere to.


The caretaker explained that he hadn’t collected rental fees from the residents in a long time since he had expected them to vacate the premises.
Meanwhile, emergency personnel have been working around the clock to reach the building’s ground zero.



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