2023 Election: Afenifere Calls For Government Of National Unity

The pan Yoruba socio-political organisation, Afenifere, has advocated for a Government of National Unity (GNU) in order to tackle the insecurity in the country.

According to the organization, a government of national unity was needed to address the security challenges, division among the regions, and the bad economy in the country.

Afenifere added that the call was due to the failure of the Muhammadu Buhari government to tackle the identified problems and ensure that the country is safe.

Afenifere made the call in a communique issued after a meeting held on Wednesday at the country home of its Acting Leader, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, in Isanya Ogbo, Ogun State.

The organization added that the Government of National Unity would midwife a new Democratic Government.

The communique reads: “After extensive deliberations, Afenifere resolved as follows: The situation in the country is now so dire that there is an urgent need to approach the issue in a more decisive manner.


“In view of the seriousness of the situation and considering the fact that the present administration under President Muhammadu Buhari has shown that it is incapable and unwilling to tackle the identified problems, Afenifere hereby strongly advocates for a Government of National Unity.

“Such a Government of National Unity is to tackle the insecurity problems and midwife a new Democratic Government”.

Afenifere commended the operation of the Amotekun Security Network in South-West states and reiterated that the restructuring of the country must be done before the 2023 elections.

The group also recommended that states that are ready to establish their own Police Forces must be allowed, adding that the criticisms against State Police are unfounded and self-serving.



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