2023: Adamu Garba Publicly Begs For Money To Buy APC Presidential Form


Presidential aspirant Adamu Garba has taken to social media to beg Nigerians for assistance to purchase the presidential form of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

This comes after the national publicity secretary of the party, Felix Morka, on Wednesday revealed that the nomination form would go for ₦70 million while expression of interest forms would go for ₦30 million.

Garba, who via his Twitter handle expressed shock over the announcement, is now soliciting for help from Nigerians to make donations, so he can purchase the form.

According to Garba, the collective contribution to get the form will send a signal that Nigerians, particularly the youths care for the nation.

He also posted his account details, whilst urging the contributors to ensure they add their phone numbers.

He said; “Dear Nigerians,

“My project with you has started. To those of you who made pledges of donation, here is the account number


“1008404148 | Zenith

“100M for the form is insensitive, but our collective contribution to get this form will send a strong signal that we care about Nigeria

“We recommend that you include your phone numbers in the narrative section of the transaction or alternatively, you can call the following phone numbers:

“You can also call the above phone numbers for private donations.

“Thank you.”



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