I Sell People For ₦5K – 15-Year-Old Kidnapper (Video)


A 15-year-old boy has revealed how he has been abducting people and selling them for money.

According to the teenager, he was apprehended while he was trying to kidnap a child in the vicinity where he had abducted two people before.

The boy disclosed in a viral social media video that he abducted the victims around a filling station identified as Olakins.

He noted that when he delivers his victims to the people that sent him, they give him ₦5000, adding that his mother does not know about his actions.

When asked if he knows what the kidnapped victims are used for, the boy noted that he does not have an idea what they do to the abductees.


The teenager further stated that he knows the residents of two of the people that sends him to kidnap people in the community.

Watch the video below:



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