Peter Nwachukwu Pretended To Marry Osinachi – Family [VIDEO]


The twin sister, mother and older sister of gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu have narrated their experience with the singer’s husband, Peter Nwachukwu.

The mother of the gospel singer in an interview with BBC Igbo claimed that Peter allegedly threatened that the only way Osinachi would leave their marriage is through death.

She noted that Peter denied her access to her grandchildren for eight years and she was not allowed to take care of her grandchildren.

According to Osinachi’s mother, the singer’s husband at a time pushed them out of the house while she (mother) was sick.

She revealed that Osinachi left her marriage for over a year but returned after her husband came with Pastors to beg.


She added that she advised her daughter to leave but Osinachi insisted on staying, claiming that the Bible frowns at divorce.

The sisters of the late singer on their part revealed how Peter pretended to be a nice person till he got married to their sister.

They noted that Peter maltreated their sister while she was pregnant and after childbirth.

The twin sister of the singer disclosed that Peter is unemployed and allegedly assaulted and extorted their sister repeatedly when she is paid for her song ministration.

Watch the video below:



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