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Kiki Mordi Slept With BBC Producers For Roles – David Hundeyin


Nigerian journalist, David Hundeyin has alleged that his colleague, Kiki Mordi slept with producers at the British Broadcasting Corporation for roles.

He took to Twitter to make the damning allegation.

He wrote:

Coming from the idiot who blocked me since 2020 and was still quoting my tweets 2 hours ago until I returned the favour.

But that’s all you ever do isn’t it @kikimordi? Lie to people and misrepresent situations?

Let’s hope you’ve stopped sleeping with BBC producers for roles.

He added:


Just for the record, the person who actually created Sex For Grades and eventually attempted suicide after having it stolen from her, later received a 7-figure compensation package from BBC Africa which was basically “Our bad. Take this money and don’t talk about it again.”

And this is not “I heard.” I’m looking at a copy of the letter right now.

Meanwhile one Nkiruka is still shamelessly parading what she knows better than anyone else to be stolen work around on her bio.

She go even still come host Space about “Toxic Bosses.” Tufiakwa.




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