Popular Singer, Speed Darlington Attacked At Home For Wooing 16-Year-Old Girl [VIDEO]


Popular Nigerian singer, Darlington Okoye is better known as Speed Darlington has cried out for help after an aggrieved young woman invited some group of men to beat him up for wooing her sixteen-year-old maid.
In the video online, the scared singer begged his fans to call the police as the group of men threatened to break down his door and tried to pull his window.

The young lady who is yet-to-be-identified could be heard raining curses on the singer whilst narrating how he was texting and wooing her teenage housemaid over the phone.

The US-based singer who admitted his wrong pleaded with the men not to pull down his door, assuring them he’d come out on his own accord.


He also tendered his apology, which apparently fell on deaf ears.

“Somebody come to my aid, They are holding my window against my will, please call the police, i am been attacked. Help!!” the singer pleaded with fans while capturing the whole ordeal during a live session’

Watch the video:



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