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Bishop Oyedepo banned the use of Phones and Earphones in church, says they Are Designed By The Devil


The general overseer of Living Faith Church Worldwide (a.k.a. Winners’ Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo has spoken against the usage of earphones and phones during church service, saying that it is a tool the devil created to block people from hearing God’s word.

During a church service, he said to his congregation:

“We live in a very rowdy time. The young generation, please listen to me. All these things you plug in your ear is to block your way forward. It is designed by the devil to block your way forward. No time to hear from God. Many have never heard anything from God. They even plug it in anywhere, on the streets. Noise, noise, noise! Zero access to divine guidance. Noise in the morning, afternoon, night.

We had a situation in South Korea, I saw it in one publication. Now 10,000 Churches were said to close down within 10 years, an average of 1,000 Churches per year.

Why? Children, young people will sit down in Church (with earphones): don’t hear nothing Sir.
In fact Service would end, we were told and they won’t know until they look around and see there is nobody around. Then they will leave. It is as terrible as that.


The devil wants to destroy the fate of the future generation. Very soon, he wants to wipe away the Bible hard copy from your hand so you can be browsing nonsense even in Church. Nonsense in Church.
You will think they are writing what you are saying? No.
(Demonstrates someone busy on mobile device), he hears Amen, (echoes) Amen (absentmindedly).”

Watch the video below…




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