Drama As 2 Female Convicts Resist Return To Prison [PHOTOS]


A dramatic incident has played out at the Magistrate Court in Port Harcourt following the refusal of two female defendants, Ada Ebere and Favour Godwin to be taken to prison.

The women were seen rolling on the floor of the courtroom while crying that they cannot go back to prison.

Ada Ebere and Favour Godwin were sentenced to 10 years and 15 years imprisonment respectively for conspiracy, stealing and child trafficking.

Immediately Chief Magistrate Felicitas Amanze pronounced their sentences that the ladies were guilty of all three charges, two of the women burst into tears and started rolling on the floor of the court while refusing to follow the two female Correctional Center Officers.

It took the combined efforts of Correctional Center Officers and a Police Officer to pull them off the floor and jointly handcuff them.

However, another female defendant, Kodirichi Nwankwo who narrowly escaped a jail sentence, for an offence that happened at Igbo-Etche in Etche local government area of Rivers State since 2018, for her role in the abduction and sale of four-year-old Uwana Emmanuel was singing and praising God.


The court discharged the first defendant, Kodirichi Nwankwo, for showing genuine remorse during the trial of the case, she was ordered to report every month to the court for two years.

Chief Magistrate Felicitas Amanze stated that the Court decided not to send Nwankwo back to the Correctional Center because of the four-year-old child she was carrying, and who was given birth to while in prison custody during the trial of the case.

The two female defendants, Ada Ebere and Favour Godwin have led away into a waiting prion vehicle in cuffs amidst loud wailings



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