Insecurity: Nigeria in a war zone, says Soyinka


Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka has said the high level of insecurity in the nation is so much that individuals presently lay down with one eye open and the other shut.

The artistic symbol likewise said Nigeria isn’t just at war yet additionally is in a combat area, advised that Nigerian leaders must permit decentralization of administration and acknowledge that they have failed.

Soyinka expressed this at the starting of his new novel named,‘Chronicles Of The Happiest People On Earth’ held at Terra Kulture Arena, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Speaking at the book presentation, Soyinka said except “our leaders allow a decentralization of governance and accept that they have failed, we might have a new set of conflagration along different lines unlike before.”

“I think we are not merely at war, we are in a war zone,” he maintained.

“The term, one eye open and one eye close has become a common parlance everywhere” he said.

Asked whether he feels things have changed since independence, the literary icon said nothing has really changed, adding that the more things seem to be changing, the more they remain the same.

Soyinka also decried the dependence of Nigerians on religion, adding that it reduces our humanity. He also said it is only when Nigerians learn to reduce their total dependence on religion, that is the only way they can habit with it.


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