The Sickening State Of The Nigerian Poultry Industry


At this present time the poultry industry is really being agog and threatened with the scarcity of the two most important macro elements, the maize and soya bean.

Thus have led to the incesant increase in prices of feeds which is threatening the multi trillion industry. Many farmers will have to close farms and a lot of farms will have to downsize their birds. This is a wrong signal for the industry and the nation at large because the food security it the nation is being endangered and one of the cheapest sources of protein (egg, chicken) would be adversely affected.

Various agro allied groups especially in the livestock industry including PAN and other state chapters have lend their voices on this issue.

What has led to this current position in which we are is the disheartening and appalling report that soya bean and maize is being exported out of the country at the expense of the need by the industry.

The insurgencies have not helped matters too and the recent destruction of farm lands as a result of the collapse of the dam in Niger state.

I also have granted interviews at Radio Lagos both in english and yoruba where the government of the day was particularly being begged to see reasons with poultry farmers because the food security of the nation is being threatened and one of the cheapest form of protein will not be at the ordinary man’s reach.

As an advocacy group we must keep talking, calling, writing and requesting in one accord because a closed mouth is a closed destiny.

As I speak the price of old layers by this weekend will be #2’500 and many farmers will close shop and more jobs will have to be forfeited.

I believe we have to utilize all media arsenals and channels and a communique sent to the appropriate quarters from PANLAG to effect the change we desire.

I spoke with the patron of FIPAN, Dr Afelumo Folarin and he expresses fear for the industry because at present, it is harvest time and there is no maize and wondered what will happen in the next few months in the industry may not augur well.

Moreover, It will be in our best interest to write and grant interviews in other to make our requests reach the appropriate quarters most especially the federal government.

However, the collaboration with LASCAFAN and FIPAN will be of immense advantage and will also be formidable. This is a unique approach of “ubuntu” where we all are concerned about each others welfare

The situation is critical in all sectors. I have spoken with Mr. Sejiro the V.P of LASCAFAN and was elated by the development of PAN coming together for a common goal.

In the same vien the immediate past permanent secretary MOA, LASG Dr. Bashorun after i had a robust conversation with him advised that there should be a synergy between PAN, LASCAFAN and FIPAN but firstly there should be a meeting between the practitioners of which he would gladly be there where they will have a common goal before meeting the honourable commissioner for agriculture probably next week so he proposed that action should be expedited on this issue immediately.

Moreover we should continue with all forms of expression and press statements.

Dr. Bashorun also advised that PAN, LASCAFAN and FIPAN should stand as a consortium avoiding the multinationals and bring in and make use of our own products with the help of the financial institutions and government.

The date and venue of the meeting will be communicated adequately.

Foluso A. Adams
General secretary PANLAG


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