2023: It is time for Igbo to produce president — Okorocha hints on contesting in 2023 presidential election


It is the ideal opportunity for Igbo to deliver president ? Okorocha indicates on challenging in 2023 official political race

Previous Governor of Imo state and representative speaking to Imo West Senatorial locale, Rochas Okorocha has implied on challenging in the 2023 official political decision.

The previous Governor who talked as he got a gathering called Igbos for Rochas 2023 President, driven by Jeff Nwaoha from the five conditions of the Southeast zone, expressed that it is the ideal opportunity for the Igbos to deliver the following leader of Nigeria.

Okorocha noticed that all locales have delivered a president asides the South-East. He said;

“I am happy because you find me worthy. I am happy because you have made huge sacrifices driving through the long distance to meet with me on Nigeria’s presidency. I have read in between lines of your submission. That you want a Nigerian presidency of Igbo extraction and you have found me worthy for this position. I feel honoured and I am happy.

“Let me salute you in the manner which you have conducted yourself in a more peaceful approach and this is commendable.

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“It is true that Igbo are highly misunderstood but allow me to say that Igbo are the most peaceful Nigerians and wherever you find them they are building bridges of peace and economic development. The Igbos are the only people that have invested more outside than what they had invested in their own land.

“Igbo people alone cannot make the president of Nigeria. We need the support of other regions of this country to produce the president of Nigeria. We need the Hausa, Yoruba and other regions to be able to produce the presidency.

“For me, I have run for this office of the presidency using different political parties and up to three times now, I have run for the office of the presidency under the ANPP, and the second time under PDP, the third time in APC, and now If I must run it is for the unity of Nigeria. If I must run, it must be for the empowerment of the youths of Nigeria, and if I must run for the presidency, it will be to make this nation compete with other greater nations of the world economically.

“The North has produced a president, the West has produced the president and the South-south has also produced a president of this country and we have seen all they have done. It is time for Igbo to produce a president and let us see how the Igbo will change this country.”


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