Youths threaten second wave of protest; Lagos govt reacts


The Lagos State Government on Friday encouraged adolescents arranging new fights in the state to hold such in light of a legitimate concern for harmony.

The response came in the nick of time as Nigerian young people are compromising a second wave of the #EndSARS fights on Monday 9th November 2020, in certain pieces of Lagos and Abuja.

The bothered adolescents raised their voices following a court request conceding the Central Bank of Nigeria, the option to freeze the records of 19 people and a public undertakings organization connected to the #EndSARS fights.

Nonetheless, Lagos Government encouraged Lagosians to disregard “any demonstration that may undermine the tranquility of our dear state, which is fighting to recuperate from the stun of the butchery released by criminals who stowed away under the #EndSARS fights.”

Information and Strategy Commissioner Gbenga Omotoso in a statement spoke of hints of new protests “even as we are still counting our painful losses in lives and property.”

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“The police have warned that no protest will be tolerated,” he said.

He added: “Any protest under any guise will be disrespectful to the memory of those who died in the violence and unfair to ordinary Lagosians, who have remained peaceful, despite the hardship that the original protests sparked.

“It is clear that the original protests, despite their good intentions, have caused more havoc than they were planned to resolve.

“The Government hereby appeals to our patriotic youths to shelve any plan for a protest and join the practical efforts to find a solution to the problems that have been thrown up by the actions taken in recent weeks.


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