Coronavirus: Passengers stranded in Seme as Benin Republic closes border


Hundreds of passengers were stranded in Seme on Saturday as Benin Republic closed its border over the global coronavirus pandemic.

A News Agency of Nigeria correspondent who visited Seme border reports that Benin Republic had closed the departure and arrival gates as early as 6am on Saturday

NAN reports that most of the passengers traveling to Republic of Benin through Seme border were stranded because of the closure.

Passengers who were indigenes of Benin Republic were allowed to pass through the gate to their country, while Nigerians were allowed to go through the gate to Nigeria.
Meanwhile, Ghanaian and Togolese passengers stranded at the border post, however, refused to go back to Nigeria.

NAN reports that one of the Ghanaian passengers said they had called their Ambassador to Benin Republic who promised to come and take them from the border post.

Some stranded Nigerians going to Benin Republic had gone back to their different destinations in Nigeria after waiting for several hours at the Seme border post.

A senior Immigration officer, who did not want his name mentioned, told NAN that Nigeria was not informed before the closure.

He said the normal thing was for Benin to inform Nigeria before closing the border.
He said Togo had already closed its borders against Benin Republic.


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