Woman dies from abortion after cheating on her husband


A young woman, Chinasa Odah has lost her life after trying to abort a pregnancy she had outside wedlock. According to reports, Chinasa, who was residing in the Inikiri Effum community of Ohakwu Local Government Area in Ebonyi State, took some abortion pills after discovering she had fallen pregnant for another man apart from her husband.
However, the pills caused her to bleed profusely until she died at one Sudan Hosptial in the area.

The 29-year-old mother of four was reportedly having an affair with another 25-year-old man, Monday Mgbada.
Her husband, Michael Odah subsequently found out she had used some abortion pills after he rushed her to the hospital when she began to bleed.

Chinasa’s lover, Mgbada was later apprehended by a police officer after she confessed that he gave her the pills. Reports have also revealed that the substances destroyed her womb and that caused her death.

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“Chinasa was bleeding from her private parts. When she was questioned, she opened up that one Monday Mgbada impregnated her and administered abortion drugs on her. As soon as she made that statement, she gave up the ghost.”

Speaking on the incident with newsmen from Punch, Loveth Odah, Ebonyi State Police Spokesperson, explained, “The man has been arrested and an investigation is ongoing. The suspect will be arraigned after investigation. The woman is 29 years old and has four children before going for extra martial affairs. The man will be charged with murder.”


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