Brazillian gang leader who tried to escape from prison dressing up as his daughter found dead


A 42-year-old Brazillian gang leader who was caught attempting to escape from prison by dressing up as his teenage daughter over the weekend has now been found dead.

Clauvino da Silva apparently hanged himself in the maximum-security prison in Rio de Janeiro, according to local media reports citing Brazil’s authorities.

The state prison service, Seap, said officers found his body on Tuesday, August 6, at the high-security prison complex. It added that he appeared to have taken his own life.

His death came just days after he was stopped by prison authorities as he attempted to escape from prison dressed as his daughter.

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Officials released photos showing Clauvino da Silva, aka Baixinho, or “Shorty”, wearing a silicone mask, a long wig, glasses, jeans and a pink girly T-shirt after being caught out.

Silva, a member of Brazil’s Red Command drug faction, had been serving a nearly 74-year sentence.


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