Police forcefully throw out Egyptian family from plane [VIDEO]


An Egyptian family was violently removed by the police from a Romanian plane following an argument with a cabin crew member.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the crew of the plane and police can be seen using force to take the Egyptian family off the plane.

Local media reported that it all started when the wife – who is a Moroccan national – decided to put her handbag on the side of her seat, which was near an emergency exit.

The family was going to France from Egypt, and the plane stopped over in Bucharest.

One of the cabin crew members asked her to move her handbag as it wasn’t supposed be kept near the emergency exit, according to air safety rules.

The wife, on the other hand, reasoned out that the bag had all her travel documents and other important articles.

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An argument ensued and the cabin crew called the police, which asked them to leave the plane.

The police used force to get the family removed from the plane. Other travellers recorded the incident. One of the clips show the wife screaming and her son crying.

The Egyptian and Moroccan embassies in Bucharest said that an investigation is being carried out to find out what triggered the ugly incident.

The family reportedly used another airline to travel to Egypt after being removed from the Romanian plane.


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