Why You Must Avoid A Late Dinner


Several fitness experts have advised that late dinner increases the risk of gaining weight. Apart from this, there are other risks inherent in this habit. With a busy schedule, it is unarguably inevitable to have a late meal but there are reasons to adjust schedule and grab an early dinner

Late Dinner increases the risk of Heart Attack and type 2 Diabetes

A study conducted by Researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine, at the University of Pennsylvania, has shown that late meals do not only have the risk of weight gain, it also affects cholesterol level which increases the risk of a heart attack. It also triggers the increase of insulin and glucose which causes type 2 diabetes.

Late dinner affects the memory

American researchers have shown in their study that late dinner can affect memory. Although this study was conducted on mice, it showed that mice fed late meals for two weeks had long-term memory problems.

Late dinner increases the risk of acid re-flux

Acid reflux is also known as heartburn. Heartburn happens because the meal eaten very close to bedtime is not fully digested, the acidic contents spill back to the oesophagus.
Dinner should be taken before 7 pm.




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